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Louisville Grease Trap Cleaning and Cooking Oil Recycling offers fairly priced grease trap and grease interceptor cleaning to restaurants and commercial food establishments throughout Kentucky, Lexington and some of Indiana. The price we charge for service is directly related to the size of your unit, and we service traps ranging in size from 5 gallons to 4,000 gallons capacity.

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$125 price varies per trap/condition

Grease Trap Fee For
all Grease Trap Services

+$.30 per gallon of waste removed


Emergency Services during normal business hours
+$.50 per gallon of waste removed


Emergency Services during Holidays
+$.50 per gallon of waste removed

We also provide comprehensive used cooking oil and yellow grease recycling services free of charge. Containment bins are provided upon request, and generally range in size from 30 gallon drums up to 320 gallon box-type bulk containers. 


For more information about our rebate system, please contact us directly in the Louisville Area: 502-548-4541 or Lexington Area: 859-286-5411or submit the form below.


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